Located in Eden Mills, Ontario, Vilnis Cultural Design Works is a family business and partnership owned and operated by Art and Sandra Lucs. Both principals have complementary research, museological, design and production skills, as well as years of combined experience in developing and building interpretive exhibits and environments. To meet the requirements of each project, VCDW contracts with outside specialists and quality production houses.

Art Lucs

Art Lucs is a designer and sculptor with over 25 years of experience in three-dimensional and graphic design, including museum and commercial exhibitions, animated displays, architectural design, sculptural installations, painting commissions, and theatre set design. His expertise includes project and budget management, graphic design and production, design and engineering of animatronic components, knowledge of construction materials and techniques, and preparation of construction drawings.


Sandra Lucs

Sandra Lucs holds a Master of Museum Studies degree and has over 25 years of experience specializing in exhibition planning, museum education, and marketing. Her expertise includes historical content research, interpretive planning, audience analysis, exhibition evaluation, copy writing and editing, project management, and conservation considerations. Sandra also provides leadership for, and contributes as a team member on master plans, feasibility studies and cultural plans for cultural facilities and municipalities.

Jacob Lucs RGD

Jacob Lucs is a communication designer with 16 years of experience. His skills and knowledge encompass a range of graphic, three-dimensional and interactive applications.